Digital Voice Lines (TM) : Copper Lines are being replaced with modern technology that provides a more feature rich and robust capability.  Digital Voice Lines (TM)   Provides voice communications using the fiber network of the internet rather than using old crackly copper lines. 

Digital Voice Lines

"Changing the way communications are delivered to business" 

The modern SIP since 2017 

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Digtal Voice Lines  is a Trade marked Product of TriTella  

Digita Voice Lines (TM) are used on Office Telephone PBX Systems, office phones, mobile devices, onsite PBX systems, as well as any device with an internet connection that can make IP based phone calls.    IP telephone service, based on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technologies, is the leading communication service to make calls.  Contact a company from our PBX Phone System Providers to get a quote on our amazing communication service. is owned by TriTella  Copy Right 2017